Photography lets me do awesome things like explore abandoned places, appreciate nature and the (unabandoned) world around me, and it helps me make people feel amazing. At ToHelpMeLoveMe, we're all about self love, so we're now offering photo hangs! What's a photo hang? It's a photo shoot without the pressure! Come hang out with me, we can go to your favorite coffee shop or the middle of your grandma's living room, and I'll take photos of you just being the amazing person that you are, it's as simple as that! No pressure to look a certain way, act a certain way, or even be a human for that matter (animals are awesome too!)


I have never been an easy subject in front of the camera, spending hours getting ready and having all of it wash away in a wave of self-consciousness the moment a lens is pointed at me. So, I believe that creating a loving space where people feel accepted and appreciated, will bring out the best in anyone that steps in. If you've EVER felt like you don't deserve incredible pictures of yourself, then...