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This One's Called: Perception

Updated: May 19, 2020

I usually don't like to add a title to a post until the end, when I feel like I can really tie a bow on it and send it on out. I guess I like to leave my options open and see where my inspiration takes me. Maybe that's the case for you too. I hope so.

I'm an artist. I create music, and things with my hands, and memories, and love, and poetry, and stories, and I just want the most out of this life. I love tattoos and coffee and I think people are beautiful. In so many ways. And this isn't going to be a long post but I think I've been enjoying my thoughts lately. So here's one of them.

There are people that are determined to experience life through a particular lens, and I think that's okay until it becomes not okay. It becomes not okay when the people outside of the scope of that lens are seen as enemies, or less important, or undeserving of love simply because they're out of frame. This concept is so completely foreign to my bones, to stand so firmly in a belief that excludes or dehumanizes others for being.

I think everyone has something special to them. And I don't mean that in the way you'd read it in a hallmark card, but I so deeply believe it to be true. Maybe it's because I'm an artist, and we tend to be sensitive, which I think is a way of saying, we have the ability to see people in a bit more of a colorful and appreciative way. I'm so lucky.

I just wanted to say that lately I've spent more time consuming content from other humans I admire, ones that inspire me to no end. I just love hearing them speak, and be the people they are, and wonder what their favorite movie is and I am just so captivated by their words. And I thought, with deep sadness, how unfortunate it must be to neglect the opportunity to hear someone's story, because you can't see them, because of your lens. I am so nourished when I get the chance to listen to people, and see parts of what make them the person they are. And I've realized that I still have so much to say. And I think that all of this is what it means to be a person.

So if you have a lens, maybe get a wide angle. I really hope you consider it.

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