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What Are YOU Building?

We all know the story of Noah's Ark...let's talk about it.

I like the rain, every once in a while, but definitely not for forty days and forty nights. I also definitely love animals, especially if there are two of every single one of them in the same boat as me, um YES I'M IN. But what do Noah and his Ark have to do with my life?

I happen to be Catholic, and the Catholic interpretation of the story is not literal. Some Christians do interpret it literally, and that is totally okay too! Either way, we can glean some important teachings from the story. Of course, Noah's obedience takes the front seat, and seems to be why God called on him to carry out a plan. We can also learn from his faith and willingness to travel through the uncertainty, trusting God's promise. I bring this up, however, because I wonder what would have been going through Noah's head at the time. Rain for forty days? Floods higher than the highest mountains? Two of EVERY ANIMAL?!

How do we interpret what God is calling us to do in our own lives?

I can't hear God. And I mean that literally.

But what I can do is feel Him. And THAT is important. We live based on our feelings. Luckily, we have direct access to a Higher Power, and when our feelings are off, it's a good indication to make time for a consultation. On the other hand, when we feel inspired, called to action, and ready to make a positive impact on the world, how do we know if it's God's will for us? I like to run my decisions through these questions before I put on my superhero cape and race out the door.

  1. Will it hurt anyone?

  2. If everyone were doing this, would it make the world a better place?

  3. Will it make me more like Jesus?

So whether you take the story literally or not, we are all called to live out our life in love, charity and faith. If you're like me, you can't hear God speaking to you word for word, and sometimes it seems like what He speaks into our lives is strange or unfamiliar and we're scared to take the leap. However, we are reminded by Noah that when we trust in the promise of God, and have faith that we are called for greatness, we are also held, protected and loved by the most incredible Father.

Has God called you in a way that felt unclear? How did you act on it?

Noah had his Ark, what are YOU building?

Check out this song for some inspiration!

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1 commentaire

Hi Anna. Great topic last night. Loved that it was only 3 things to think about. Simple but difficult . Starting out I might try doing 1 a week. Thanks for all you do for us💗💗

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