to help me love me


To Help Me Love Me is a brand I created in an effort to help everyone experience the kind of self love that will change your life.


I am a musician, a crafter, a photographer, and a creator. Living my life in the arts has allowed me to experience, first-hand, obstacles like self-doubt, self-consciousness, and self-everything-except-love. So, in those moments, I thought to myself, "what could I do to help me feel like ME again?" Alas, this idea was born. I have so many things I do to help me love me, but here's the special ones, because they also involve you.


I make jewelry. In one of my seasons of beautiful creativity, I was inspired to make jewelry. I had never made jewelry in my life, but this was one of the first times I had an instinct and went for it. It has been so fulfilling and joyful to create designs that will help people feel beautiful exactly as they are right now. That's what it's about.

I take photos. I love the idea of capturing beautiful moments, whether it's exploring abandoned places, hanging with amazing people in someone's basement, or just spending time outside appreciating the weather. I take photos to help people feel worthy of enjoying who they are exactly as they are right now. That's what it's about.

I craft. When I was about 7, my grandmother sat me down and taught my very small hands how to knit and crochet, and before you know it, I made a giant...square. But I haven't stopped since. From clay to crochet to soap and everything but the kitchen sink, crafting is something that allows me to infuse the love I have for creativity into projects and gifts that you can enjoy. That's what it's about.


handmade jewelry


handmade crafts